About Us

Established in November 2007, Chenchos aims to bring the authentic Mexican taste in Chicago, Illinois. Chenchos envisions itself as a prime destination for experiencing the traditional Mexican cuisine. Thus, we only serve the finest Mexican meals prepared using truly Mexican cooking methods.

Chenchos offers a wide array of appetizers, breakfasts, broths, soups, side dishes, tacos, burritos and Mexican dishes and sandwiches, all of which are served in a cozy Hacienda-style ambience. Our full bar with a wide selection of specialty drinks and non-alcoholic beverages will definitely make any dining experience rich and sumptuous. Chenchos also serves Combinaciones and Menu Para Niños.

A small family business, Chenchos opens on November 2007 in Homer Glen, Illinois. Four years later, they also opened up another location in Oak Forest. Chechos serves a large number of customers monthly.

Chenchos’ owners are extraordinarily hands-on, overseeing the operation of the two branches on a daily basis. The owners regard their employees as ‘familia’ and thus, they willingly treat the customers as familias as well. Such a friendly approach to operation management, Chenchos was able to establish a very strong presence in the immediate communities where it operates.

Needless to say, Chenchos strives for excellence in terms of hospitality, food quality and guest satisfaction. While it may be a casual fine dining restaurant, the owners and the staff ensure that it is always ‘fiesta’ inside Chenchos.

Here are some fun facts about this up and coming Mexican restaurant Chenchos: